Someone shouted in surprise, “Who are you? Why are you taking the exec’s lift?”

“I’m sorry, I’m here for an interview and I’m in a hurry.” Hayden wanted to get up as she spoke, but due to the rush her long wavy hair was stuck onto the person’s button. Her scalp ached from the pull and she fell back, her hands pressing against the man’s chest. As if being given an electric shock, she apologized, “I, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” The inner space of the lift then suddenly went into two seconds of silence.

The people in the lift then burst out small laughter the next moment. Yet due to the presence of that important person, they forced back their laughter and quickly covered their mouth when they saw his grim look. Joseph obviously froze and he inevitably wrinkled his eyebrows. He had not encountered such an absurd thing before. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…Could, could you lend me a hand?” Hayden was so anxious to get her hair off but her hair got stuck deeper as she moved and her palms were starting to sweat.

Joseph kept on feeling that that woman gave him a sense of familiarity, yet he had clearly not met her before. And a severely mysophobic person like him did not actually feel disgusted. He kept quiet for a second and consent to her request. He lowered his head and untied the hair strands with his delicate fingers. “Don’t move, relax,” he said with a cold and aloof voice.

That voice…sounded familiar! Hayden was startled. She then remembered the night five years ago. Under the dim light, she opened her eyes amidst confusion. Although she could not see the man’s looks clearly, she could vaguely see his rosy thin lips. “Thank you.” She did not get a response and she secretly glimpsed at him out of curiosity. That man was wearing an expensive handmade suit. He had a pair of attractive long legs and his pursed lips were beautiful, showing his arrogant and distant personality.

her fall towards Mr. Beckham, he spoke coldly, “You said you’re in a hurry, but I suppose you only want to hit on the president?” Hit? Hayden was still in a daze, and the man beside her actually slightly lowered his head and glimpsed at her from

had been

seem that she wanted to approach him on purpose. The coldness and disgust were then slowly showed from his eyes. He

felt unhappy at once. “I said I was in a hurry, why are you looking at me like that?” She actually felt grateful from the bottom

the nearest level. After the lift door opened, he gestured Hayden to leave. “Please go out from here, and please don’t use such a trick next time,

the lift with a strong attitude. Hayden gritted her teeth and shot Joseph a glare. She left the lift and still complained softly, “Who does he think

shivered and he did not dare to look at him. He then said with a trembling voice, “I’ll call the security

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