President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 6: How could he be the Interviewer?

“Whoa, really? I heard that Mr. Beckham has a son but not a wife, and he’s handsome. Could it be that he becomes the interviewer is to find his son a mother?”

“It could be! But I heard that he has some problems…or else why doesn’t he have an official spouse for such a long time? He does have lots of scandals, could it be that he’s deserted by a woman?” After a round of gossiping, the women still decided to admire the president. They did not mind becoming a stepmom as long as they could get married into a wealthy family.

Seeing that they were competing for the president’s heart, Hayden could not help but roll her eyes and sneered. Usually, the age of a senior president who had children must already be over thirty, and the president must have a beer belly too. Since the president was that rich, could he possibly want to pick a mom for his child from the interviewees? She assumed he was just intending to pick a mistress for himself. Hayden developed a slight antipathy to her future boss from her subconscious mind.

“Hayden Downey!”

Noticing her name was called, Hayden squeezed herself through the crowds. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open. There were a total of five interviewers on the stage, sitting straight and courteously in the middle. The

dumbfounded when she noticed the man turned out to be the man in the lift! She glanced at the flattering behavior of the people around her and her breathing stopped. She panicked. That guy seemed to have a higher position than anyone else in the room and she wondered what his position would be. Manager?

if he had not seen her before and spoke, “So you graduated from the Wharton

braced herself to write the name of

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