Joseph looked up. “Anything wrong?”

“Since you think that only certificates could prove one’s capability, let’s bet.” Hayden smiled and stared at him with full provocative intentions. “Do you dare to accept it?” Kevin Jackman who nearly dozed off from the boring interviews suddenly became energetic. He was amazed as it was the first time he saw someone daring to bet with Joseph, and even with such an arrogant attitude. “What do you want to bet? Pretty lady.” With an incredulous look, Joseph turned and threw Kevin a glimpse.

Hayden took a deep breath and stared into the man’s deep eyes. She said with strong determination, “I’ll work at the hotel under the ST Group for three months, and I guarantee the monthly profit would be above thirty percent. If I’ve achieved that, I want the company to employ me as a formal worker and give me triple salaries, also...” She paused and finished her sentence extremely clearly, “You have to apologize to me!”

Hotel for a year and during her employment, the monthly profit she helped the hotel to obtain was only less than ten percent. How could she be so bold to make such a promise that seemed unachievable? Joseph closed the folder and tossed it to the side. He stood up, supported himself with both his hands laid flat

hesitation. “If I can’t, I’ll work for the ST Group for free for three years and will always be at your order.

Kevin chimed in. “Jo, if you don’t accept that, you’re a coward!” He shut his mouth up when Joseph shot him a cold glare. “Go back and wait for the job notification.” After saying that with a low voice, Joseph stood up and went down the stage. His slender legs stopped when he passed by Hayden. He turned sideways and his eyes fell onto the woman’s chin and nose. She had a pleasant but not that kind of strong perfume smell. Interesting. At least she was more interesting than those women. “As for the bet, I’ll accept it.” After

are we having lunch?” Seeing him leaving, Kevin chased after him in a hurry. Before he left, he turned around and winked at Hayden. He said with a smile, “You’re funny, pretty lady. I hope you’ll win the bet!” Hayden felt speechless, but

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