President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 8: Please Divorce, Mommy

Stella shook her head and said to Hayden, “Mommy, why don’t you divorce daddy?” Hayden was amused and asked, “Why do you say so?”

“I feel that daddy doesn’t like mommy.” Stella bit her vegetable and slurred, “My friend’s daddy and mommy are always lovey-dovey, but I could only see my daddy twice a year. And every time daddy comes back, he’ll only say a few words to mommy. He doesn’t kiss or hug you, what’s most important is that he doesn’t love me. I don’t want this kind of daddy anymore!”

Hayden felt slightly uncomfortable. She did not dare to tell her the truth, but she was afraid that she would notice the fact that all the children in her neighborhood all had their father but her. Therefore she sought for someone’s help and asked him to come over to their house every year to let Stella know she had a father. She did not expect her to be that smart and had even thought for her.

Stella then added, “Mommy, you don’t have to think that I’ll be sad after you divorce. Instead of letting you meeting your husband and me meeting my dad once a year, it’s better that mommy find a new husband. As long as the new daddy loves me, I could also accept other brother and sister!”

“Silly girl.” Her words made the rims of Hayden’s eyes went a little red. “Mommy doesn’t need any husband; mommy only wants to take good care of you.”

brother.” Stella let out a sweet smile. “I want mommy and daddy love me,

was doing at the moment. If she could, she really hoped she could meet her son some day in the future and maybe give him a hug. Catching a glimpse of Hayden’s melancholic look, Stella secretly swore to get a gentle and handsome

from the Human Resource Department of the ST Group, notifying her to go to the ST Hotel to work next Monday. As she arranged her stuff, she saw Stella fiddling with a tablet and could not help but approach her. “Honey, what are you doing?” Stella hugged the tablet in her arms with lightning speed and said, “I can’t let mommy see this,

mommy won’t see

in Hayden’s name and attached her photo. The bottom right corner of the webpage showed the name of a certain blind date website. After completing everything, Stella stretched herself. The gentlemen she saw today were all okay, but

had no idea that she had

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