President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 9: Come to my Wedding

As for Michelle Robinson, she held his arm even tighter, as if to demonstrate her authority. She smiled at Hayden and said, “Look at you, Hayden. Why didn’t you inform me and Kingsley when you came back?”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“I heard that you have lost contact with the Downey family when you decided to move abroad.” Michelle seemed to show her care towards Hayden, but there were tricks in her words. “Why don’t you return to the Downey Group to have a look at them?” Having seemed to notice Hayden’s troubled look, Kingsley spoke blandly, “Let’s go, Michelle.”

“Why so rush? I’ve not seen Hayden for a long time and I want to have a chat with her!” As she said, she dragged Hayden towards the lift without giving her a chance to reject. Hayden’s lips went a little dry and she lowered her eyes. When the door of the lift opened, Michelle dragged her into the lift. Hayden looked down and moved slightly to the side when she saw some guests entering too.

touched the tip of her nose with his blazer. The chill she felt made her shuddered and she felt a sense of familiarity not knowing why. She then looked up wanting to have a peek, but Michelle had blocked in front of her and her high

said and asked, retrieving her gaze at the same time

at the eighteenth of next month, I hope you can come.” That familiar yet expensive ring was so dazzling that it made Hayden’s eyes sore. She remembered when she went to the jewellery shop with Kingsley back then, they had pointed on that specific ring, saying that they must use that

future since long time ago.” Hayden secretly sneered. So that meant she had always wanted to steal her boyfriend long time ago? Seeing her did not say a word, Michelle’s eyes flickered

me to go.” Hayden pushed her hands away without a change in expression and continued, “Plus, I’m afraid that he won’t let me go to the engagement banquet of

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