President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 10: He’s my Boyfriend

Within just a few seconds, Hayden stood straight and looked up. When her eyes touched the man’s aloof face, she secretly turned her head to the side and cursed. Was City N that small? Why did she always encounter Joseph Beckham with such a way whenever she took the lift?

Michelle asked, “Are you alright? Hayden.” Hayden clenched her fists. Ever since they entered the lift, Michelle had been showing off and teasing her. She could not be more complacent if she knew she did not have a boyfriend. What annoyed her more was the man who she had met the third time was obviously watching the fun!

With a second thought, Hayden suddenly held Joseph’s shoulder the next moment intimately. She could clearly sense the man’s body freezing when she approached him and she was greatly delighted. She then said with an affectionate tone of voice, “Darling, are you going to give me a surprise by secretly waiting inside the lift? You’re such a bad boy...”

Except Hayden, the rest of the four people inside the lift were all startled. Michelle even gritted her teeth in hatred. That man was exceptionally good-looking. He looked elegant and cool. From the suit he was wearing, he must be a big boss. How could Hayden be able to hook up with such a man with good looks and great wealth?

how could he be your boyfriend? You’re just pretending

money do you think she should spend to hire me to act for her?” Hayden was dumbfounded. Had he admitted he was her boyfriend? Logan who was quick in analyzing the situation quickly pretended to flip through some documents and said with an audible voice, “Mr. Beckham, this is the speech for the celebration

of her voice and she let out a shrill. The man before her was actually Joseph Beckham? She did not have the honor to see him in real person, but she

under his rage, and the firm bankrupted in just one night. He suddenly had a son few years ago but the mother was never mentioned, and everyone was gossiping about it. Tons of women in the city wanted to become the stepmom of his son, but

better than him, Kingsley pulled down a long face. Michelle could not endure it anymore, she almost dragged Kingsley out of the lift the moment they reached their

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