President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 11: Noah Was Missing

“Then was it an accident too today? Are you using me as your shield?”

Since she was Joseph’s employee, he wouldn’t allow her to get criticized and questioned by others without any grounds. This was why he was willing to lend a helping hand.

Joseph leaned towards her by bending his body and whispered by her ears. His voice was as cold as ice, “I hope that this is the last time something like this has happened. If you throw yourself at me again, I don’t mind to terminate your three-month term here prematurely.”

Joseph was glaring at her so hard that she felt intimidated and scared just by looking into his eyes. Hayden felt something catch in her throat and there was no way to dislodge it.

However, luck was in her favour as a sound suddenly broke the silence which indicated the arrival of the elevator. Joseph didn’t intend to drag this further, so he turned around and disappeared into the elevator.

Only then did Hayden’s taut body finally relaxed considerably.

She really couldn’t picture a good image of him in her mind!

“Ms. Downey.”

When Hayden arrived at her department, she was stopped by her assistant, Vanessa. She had a face written with anguish and nervousness.

“What happened? What’s wrong?”

throwing a tantrum in a VIP suite on the twentieth floor. He didn’t want to eat anything and everyone who tried to go in to console him had been shunned away. Now, the room


her list. She asked further, “Is he a newly arrived

say that. He’s just five years old and at such a tender age he has a bad temper. Nobody can calm him down and his family

real?” Hayden instantly came to a decision, “Let’s go. Bring me

she scurried along behind Hayden, “He hasn’t eaten for a full day, and we are afraid that something undesirable

by his side so you can’t really blame him for feeling insecure.” Hayden pressed the button of the elevator while explaining, “How could they just leave their child alone in a hotel room. Do you

shrinking backwards while nodding with an unnatural

VIP suite, there was some commotion going on. A sound of something ceramic getting broken could be heard and a waiter let out

“Ms. Downey is here.”

the floor and stains of fruit juice could be

breath as she couldn’t believe that

asked in a

“He has shut himself up inside there.

and also the managers but none of them were able to come up with a

and asked, “Did you

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