President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 12: This Miss Was So Gentle

Hayden had very fast reflexes, so she was able to dodge that incoming object at the last second before it could hit her.

With a loud crashing sound, it turned out that it was a glass that had been thrown by him and it was now in smithereens after smashing onto the wardrobe behind her.

She had seen countless people with terrible temper, but it was the first time she had seen someone so young throwing a tantrum by physically throwing objects. Hayden couldn’t help but frown with a hint of anger initially, but strangely enough, the moment she laid eyes on this little boy, she felt all traces of anger dissipate.

While sitting surrounded by blankets and pillows, the little boy wearing brown checkered pyjamas was staring at her curiously. He had a set of perfect features which seemed like they had been sculpted especially and she could imagine how good-looking and popular among ladies he would be when he grew up.

However, his perfect features were contorted now and indignation and dissatisfaction was written all over his face.

“What happened here?” Hayden took a few steps towards him and squatted down beside him, “Who has bullied you?”

The little boy just watched her without saying anything and there was a flash of doubt in his watery eyes. In the next second, he suddenly pushed her hand away abruptly as if telling her not to proceed any further. He was very on guard.

Hayden didn’t offer to console him anymore after this. She just sat down beside him and they were just staring at each other for some time.

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little boy chewed momentarily before nodding with his eyes lighting

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