President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 13: He’s Not Coming Back, I Hate him!

Hayden felt a little helpless so she could only put down the plates again and caressed the little boy’s head, “Do you want me to stay here with you?”

He nodded obediently.

“Alright, I will stay here then.”

The little boy seemed to be stunned for second as if he didn’t expect that she would really agree to his request.

“However, we can’t sit on the floor like this because the floor is very cold. You will get sick soon. Shall we move to the sofa?”

The young hastily nodded and his obedient image now was a far cry from his previous vehement self.

Hayden smiled with satisfaction as she carried him up from the floor to the sofa and sat down.

She decided to ignore the mess on the floor while cracking a few jokes to the young child. He seemed to enjoy the jokes as his face lit up brightly and he was now laughing without stopping.

Despite that, this child looked like he didn’t want to tell her anything.

in a better mood now, Hayden asked him tentatively, “Can you tell

weak spot. Hayden finally understood that the reason the boy was throwing a tantrum was because he couldn’t express himself well and needed to write things down on a paper. She turned around and chanced upon a stack of papers by

immediately grabbed them for the little

down a line of words, “Dad, bad,

how to write so many words. She only came back to her senses after a moment and realized that he must have been taught by his parents to write. It

that your dad originally wanted to bring you out to have fun, but he didn’t carry out his promise in


Your dad must have been working hard to let you live a better life; therefore he doesn’t have much free time. That is why he doesn’t have time to accompany you to have

little boy wasn’t convinced by her words, and he immediately wrote another line on the paper while shouting, “I can’t see

son in a hotel room for

couldn’t help but frown. What was this father

talk to him.” Hayden held the boy’s hand and added, “How could he leave a child here all alone waiting for him? Moreover, this is not your home anyway. This is

boy nodded

all alone

He nodded again.

me to bring you out

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