President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 15: He Must Have Been Scared

By the time Joseph arrived at the hospital hurriedly, he saw that a female adult was lying unconscious in the hospital bed, and his precious son Noah was sprawled all over the edge of the bed with his pyjamas still intact. He was soundly asleep at the moment.

Joseph was a little flustered upon seeing such a scene.


Noah responded to a tiny disturbance in the ward, and when he saw Joseph, his expression softened a little. He raised a picture in his hands.

It was a picture drawn using crayon, which was Noah’s favourite. He couldn’t speak, and he had limited vocabulary too, so in order to express his more complicated thoughts, he would present his thoughts in the form of drawing.

In the first picture, a woman was portrayed feeding a child and the child looked very happy from the way the corner of his lips lifted.

In the second picture, the woman was holding the child’s hand and looked like they were going somewhere. There were clouds around them and inside the cloud there was a castle that resembled a playground.

In the third picture, a golden chandelier was smashed on the ground, and the woman was holding the child tight with one of her hands stuck underneath the chandelier. There was a bright red colour dyeing her hand, indicating that she was bleeding.

“Hmm…” Noah pulled Joseph to the side of the bed and pointed at the woman lying in bed before pointing at the drawn woman in his picture. He was trying to say that they were the same person.

lying in bed hesitantly. She had a pale face and a grave

same woman

that it was this woman who had put Noah’s life before hers and swooped

had been treating her badly earlier on, his expression became somewhat

Viola who was behind Joseph, his face immediately

“Noah, what’s wrong?”

thought Noah was just resenting him for not bringing him to a theme part to have fun, so his voice became considerably gentler, “I

and for some reason he was maintaining a distance


this, so he called his butler who was standing by at the door, “Bring Noah home first. It is very late now. He

head without

couldn’t comprehend Noah, so he asked,

you. I think he has experienced too much shock

to have dinner

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