President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 16: It Is Not a Bother to Raise Me!

After coming out of Joseph’s villa, Viola got into the nanny car.

“Start driving.”

The car moved out of the high-class villa area. In the car, the driver’s apprehensive voice sounded.

“Viola, that matter was originally done without any problem but the hotel manager appeared unexpectedly. She was so insensitive.”

“It’s okay.” A sinister expression appeared on Viola’s face.

“If you really smashed the child to death, it won’t necessarily be good for us, so just leave it like this. It will be best if this can send shudders down Joseph’s spine. In this way, he will consider the matter about marriage.”

“Then the child…”

“Don’t do anything to him temporarily. There are plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Viola looked down at her fingernails that were studded with glittering diamonds. She looked very insouciant.

to walk around more frequently these two days. You tell the new assistant to prepare more things that children will like. I’ll bring them



slightly moved her numb arm and this made her felt excruciating pain. It was

she opened her eyes, she saw a

“Mommy! You’re awake?”

lying on the side of the bed while holding her uninjured hand. Stella’s eyes turned red,

that the reason she was smashed by

why was her daughter

you here? Did I

me to go to the hotel to find you and give you a surprise but

touched and apologetic,

worry? You always tell me to take care of myself first before I take care of

to raise me! If you

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