President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 17: As Expected, It Is Him

“No problem, this is also my duty, don’t worry about it.”

Hayden was somewhat flattered to see him sending over bags of things. She took a glance and saw that there were also Cordyceps Sinensis. So, these things would definitely cost more than ten thousand yuan.

“This is just a small token of appreciation. By the way, the young master also instructed that Ms. Downy doesn’t need to go to work in the hotel as you’re injured. You can go to work again after you gain enough rest and feel that you’re already totally fine. The salary and bonus during this period will be given as usual.”

Upon hearing this, Hayden was even more surprised, “Doesn’t need to work?”

Which young master was so capable that he could even help her to ask for sick leave? ST Hotel had a rule that the sick leave of an employee should not exceed one month. Not to mention that she had not been officially employed, so how would she dare to take leave casually?

“May I know who your young master is?”

“You don’t know who my young master is?” The butler looked surprised.

Hayden was confused by his surprised look so she asked with some apprehension, “Should I know?”

“My young master is the CEO of ST Hotel, you don’t know?”


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