President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 18: Help Herself to Find a Daddy

“Mommy, I’m going out now.”

Stella finished packing her little backpack and shouted at the bedroom. She then walked towards the door naturally.

From the bedroom, Hayden’s dazzled and lazy voice sounded.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to buy ice cream.”

Hayden rolled over in her bed. She was having a drowsy look.

“Oh, come back early and buy one for me too.”

Stella had always gone out alone to buy things and was very resourceful. So, Hayden was not worried about her and just allowed her to go out.

And after Stella went downstairs, she did go to the place that sold the ice cream. She was pacing and skipping merrily with a particularly good mood.

At the door of the café, a hale and hearty old master got out of an extended Bentley. He was in black Tai Chi clothes and looked imposing. Beside him, a person who looked like a butler opened the door of the café.

“Sir, here.”

master sized up the café, frowned

ridiculous? In my view, why don’t you find someone to pretend to be him? And if the woman is good then just quickly set a date

The butler followed him.

as many people in Nanking know my young master. The photo put on the dating website is facing a situation in which either nobody believes or even if someone believes, when she comes here and sees that it is not

you said

a foul breath and sat in a seat beside the

the sake of my great-grandson, I won’t bother my reputation this

butler seemed to have thought of something. He hastily went to the counter to order a cup of ice cream and put it in front of

Harrison’s expression slightly changed.

was completely incompatible with the imposing old master wearing in all black. There was a kind

the side was keeping his face taut to bear

you continue laughing, you come and sit

the door. A little girl with a bag of the small yellow duck went in cheerfully. She first looked around and then her gaze remained at the cup of ice cream on the table beside the window. And then

long time but


little impatient, froze for a moment once he saw the girl. This girl was from which family, so good-looking, and she apparently looked slightly

not Joseph

extraordinarily pure were moving, as if she was having

was with a head of white hair but his eyes and eyebrows looked a bit similar to

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