President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 19: My Mommy Is Very Pretty

Harrison uttered all his requirements in just two sentences.

“So, you are looking for a woman whose appearance, personality and capability are all good, and preferably the kind who is very good at taking care of people, right?”

Stella stretched her fingers and summarized the words she just heard to a few keywords seriously like a little adult.

“According to what you said, I think my mom is qualified. I need to find a husband for my mommy while you need to find a wife for your son. Therefore, both of us have the same purpose. Besides, I’m very obedient and will certainly not be in the way. Just look at me then you’ll know my mommy is very good at taking care of people.”

When Stella uttered ‘taking care of people’, she was a little diffident.

It was really a miracle that she was able to grow up healthily on her own. Her mommy had the first-class working ability but her self-care ability was barely satisfactory.

The more Harrison looked at this little girl who was so logical and clear in speaking, the more he liked her.

What kind of woman could have raised and taught such a graceful daughter?

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