President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 20: Mommy, Seize the Opportunity!

For the next few days after that day, Stella used the excuse of going out to buy ice cream to secretly meet with Harrison at the café. She was able to pack a full bag of small gifts every time she went back.

As the time past, Hayden cleaned the house and could clear out a lot of unfamiliar toys.

“When did you buy this little mermaid bracelet?”

Stella was playing with her new toy on the bed. After hearing that, she said without changing her expression, “It was a gift given upon buying ice cream.”

Hayden frowned.

“Are there so many events in the nearby ice cream shop?”

Despite being doubtful, knowing that Stella was just a young child with small body size, she was not worried that Stella would do something bad. These were just some small toys and did not really matter, so she did not take them seriously.

“By the way, I’ll bring you to the nearby kindergarten this afternoon. You choose which one you like, your nominal mother asked me to find a school for you before the summer holidays. You shouldn’t always stay at home, right?”

If it was not that she had talked about it with her good friend, Alayna Cole during the phone call two days ago, she would have really forgotten that she had to make arrangements for Stella to go to school.

Stella nodded obediently, “Okay.”

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