President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 21: You’ve Asked Too Much

Joseph heard someone calling him and took a glimpse. He was startled when he saw the little girl who was waving at him and he felt her familiar. Noah took the opportunity to escape from his arms and ran away, and he could only chase after him. Hayden was covering her face and she suddenly felt someone grabbing her calf. She looked down and met a pair of big watery eyes. The little boy was hugging one of her legs with a thrilled look.

“Mister! We’ve met each other before!” Stella stood near the table and blinked while staring at Joseph with a pair of big dark eyes. Joseph thought back for a while and only then he was able to combine the image of the reckless little girl that bumped into him back at the airport with the girl before him. A soft light appeared in his eyes.

“How did you know each other?” Hayden was still in a daze. “This is the mister that gave me chocolates that day, mommy!” Stella turned around and explained to her with her eyes gleamed. “What a coincidence to have met the mister here. Did you know this mister too mommy?” Having heard her question, Hayden’s look froze and she replied, “He’s…mommy’s boss in the company.”

Joseph stood beside the table and asked with little superiority, “So this is your daughter?”


He then digressed from the topic of conversation and asked, “How’s your hand?” That question was exactly what Hayden was afraid of. She then braced herself and stuttered while

was taken aback by Joseph’s words. When had he become such an

seriously and was treating it as a child’s nonsense. He then changed the topic. “I have to thank you regarding Noah’s matter. I didn’t have time to pay you a visit at the hospital back then. Now that I’m free, it turns

that as

the three-month time period.” Having heard his words, there was a change in Hayden’s expression. What

Noah. Don’t disturb them having lunch.” Yet as if facing an enemy, Noah grabbed Hayden’s arm tightly and looked

him. Seeing them being at loggerheads, Hayden quickly stood out to mediate the dispute. “Sit here if you don’t mind. There are four seats after all.” The staff had arranged a bigger table for her as the restaurant

did not intend to leave at all, Joseph could only sit down in despondence. His aggrieved look was exceptionally amusing in Hayden’s eyes. She did not expect him who was the president of the ST Group actually had a soft spot. Stella could not wait to make Joseph stay and she was obliging to pull the chair out for him. “Come sit here, mister. I’ll take the fruits.” As she was going to leave, she glanced at Noah and invited him sincerely. “Do you want to

had an arrogant and unapproachable personality and he did not have any friend among his cohort. He had tried to let him hang out with the children of his friends from his

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