President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 22: Let Stella Come to My House

All the conditions had pointed out that Noah was diagnosed with autism.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ask it.” Hayden apologized sincerely. “How about this, in order to show my apology, why don’t I treat you the meal today?” Joseph’s mind was pulled back from his thoughts and seeing her anxious look, he realized his attitude just now was slightly rude. Having remembered her saving Noah back then, he softened his voice and explained, “Noah can speak, it’s just that he doesn’t like to.” Hayden nodded and did not ask anymore.

Meanwhile, Noah was sitting amidst a sea of colorful balls. Having lost track of Stella’s whereabouts, he frowned and looked apprehensive. Suddenly, something exploded before him and the balls all scattered everywhere. Stella shot up from beneath the balls and stared at him while laughing. “I’m right here!” Noah was obviously shocked. He was stupefied as if it was the first time someone had ever played with him like that.

Feeling slightly startled, Stella asked, “What’s wrong, Noah?” Noah shook his head and suddenly held her hand. He pointed at the dining table’s direction, signifying that he wanted to return. Although Stella did not have enough fun yet, seeing Noah’s frightened look, Stella nodded understandingly. “Are you hungry? Let’s go back.”

Noah insisted to sit beside Stella during their meal no matter how Joseph warned him. Luckily Stella was carefree enough that she straight away went to the place beside Joseph and said with a childish voice, “Since Noah likes my mommy that much, I’ll let him sit beside mommy. I can sit here.” Seeing Hayden did not show any dislike, Joseph then let him be.

obediently and a question popped out into her mind. She then asked, “Oh yes, how

She could not remember her birthday as she was just a five years-old kid after all. Not

finished eating, he seemed to enjoy it very much. Children always had immense energy and spirit. Both of them ran to

time to go home.” Stella looked up from the sea of balls

days, but not knowing when had Stella gone bold today, she dared ignoring her and continued to play battling games with Noah in the sea of balls. Hayden finally went down and dragged her out. “Do you know what the time is now? You should go home with me now, Stella.” One of Stella’s arms was grabbed and she

his arms, saying blandly, “Kids like to play, why not just let them play a little longer?” Stella put her arms around his neck and made a face

Downey? Get down here…I’m sorry Mr. Beckham, I’m not hitting you…” Stella clung onto Joseph like an ape and refused to get down. Hayden used to pat her butt to threaten her but her trick did not work now that she had

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