President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 23: Noah, You Spoke Just Now?

The car drove along the busy road. After sending Hayden and Stella back home, they encountered Nanking’s evening peak hour during their way return. The road started to become congested. Noah would seem a little frustrated whenever he encountered this kind of situation, yet he was inexplicably quiet today, and was doodling on his own little drawing board with a crayon.

Joseph was thinking about what happened at the Japanese restaurant in the afternoon and he felt slightly amazed. The reason Noah liked Hayden could be explained by Hayden saving him once back then, but what about her daughter? Although that girl was adorable, it was nothing new that his friend had brought adorable children to connect with Noah in the past, and Noah had always looked uninterested. Having thought that, Joseph suddenly sensed someone tugging at his sleeve. His mind returned back to reality and he looked towards the safety seat beside him.

Noah was raising his drawing board at him with an excited look. A man and a woman were drawn on the white board with colorful crayons, and a child was in their middle holding hands. The sky was blue, the sun was golden and the grass was green, everything was wonderful. Joseph examined the drawing for a while and asked in hesitant, “Do you want a mommy? Noah.”

Noah nodded profusely. His face flushed and he squeezed out a word from his mouth with strength. “Mommy!” Joseph’s look froze the moment he heard his words and a nervous look started to appear. He used to be a composed and calm person, but his voice at the moment actually trembled in disbelief. “Noah, you spoke just now.”

He had not heard him saying a word since he had a high fever three years ago. That was the first time after three years.

Noah looked at him with hope and his hands were clamped at the drawing board. Joseph was filled with emotions for a long while and he finally calmed himself down. Thinking that it could be seeing the relationship between Hayden and Stella during the day that made him felt envious, he was slightly guilty. He was young and reckless when he decided to have a child.

He initially thought handing a child to his grandpa to fulfill his wish should be no problem as it was just a child, yet he did not expect that he had developed feelings to him. If he had known that earlier, he would not let such a fragile life being born in this world alone in fear and worries that easily. He should have known the importance of a complete family better than anyone.

“Okay, daddy would find a mommy

far away from the hospital. I’m worried of Stella’s asthma, if her asthma recurs, there won’t be enough time for them to send her to the hospital for treatment.” Hayden talked to Alayna Cole who was currently on a business trip abroad on phone upon returning home. Alayna was a friend she knew when she was abroad. Both of them were straightforward people and they hated fate for not letting them meet each other earlier.

other end of the phone. “I’ve inquired about that back then too. I have a distant relative who is a teacher at a private kindergarten and the People’s Hospital is right

was afraid if anything went wrong. “How about this, I’ll send you the application form


if the children in the school were all famous people’s children. Because of this, Hayden was so anxious that she tossed and turned the whole night, difficult to fall asleep. She kept on yawning the whole

the comer was Joseph’s assistant, Magnus James. “Why are you here, Mr. James?” There was quite a distance between the ST Group building and the hotel she worked at, and it could cost energy to go back and fro. Magnus smiled and replied, “Since I have something to do

“Please ask.”

you would be able to hand in the planning report for the hotel’s anniversary celebration event

I’m not the one held

because you’re new here,” Magnus explained patiently. “Every staff from the middle and high level of the company is required to take part in the anniversary planning, no matter which department or position. It’s not mandatory for ordinary worker but it is for those with higher positions. It's also a tradition of our company. I suppose Mr. Beckham

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