President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 24: Prepare to Get Married

“So you’ve asked her about the anniversary planning?” Joseph asked about what he had ordered in the morning. Magnus responded and nodded. “Yes, I have. Miss Downey said she’ll hand it in as soon as possible, and as expected she didn’t know the company has this tradition, luckily I’ve reminded her about this. But she has been quite overstressed lately, so I guess she won’t have much time to prepare.”

“What is she stressed about?”

“It looks like she’s finding her daughter a kindergarten.” Magnus had a good memory and he instantly told him the name of the kindergarten which Hayden was going to strive for. “Miss Downey looks so young, I didn’t expect her child is already old enough to go to kindergarten.” Joseph’s eyebrows were initially relaxed, not knowing why, his eyebrows wrinkled once more when he heard Magnus’s words and his look turned glum. As Magnus was talking, Noah suddenly scampered along the way from behind and he slapped the drawing board onto the table before Joseph : I want to go to kindergarten.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Noah.” Joseph frowned. “Kindergarten’s environment is too complex for you, there will be teacher to teach you at home.” Having heard his words, Noah exploded and he pushed the stack of documents placed aside down. The documents scattered onto the ground and Magnus was so shocked that he quickly squatted down to pick them up. Noah then wrote something on the drawing board at high speed and once again lifted it in front of Joseph : I want to go to the same kindergarten as Stella.

Joseph frowned more and he replied, “No.” Noah could not speak. The children at school were still immature and he would definitely get bullied. Sending him to a completely strange environment and letting other accidents happened to him when his autism was not yet cured was the least thing he wanted to do.

Yet Noah started to scream in an angry way and crashed all the documents that Magnus had just picked and piled up nicely onto the ground. Feeling annoyed, he then wrote a couple more words on the drawing board : If you don’t let me go, I’ll tell great grandfather that you’re a bad guy, and I want to live with great grandfather.

to laugh when squatting on the ground. The president of the ST Group was actually feeling helpless when facing his son every day. How could anyone believe that if they did not witness it themselves? Joseph spoke reluctantly after struggling for a long while, “Let me consider that for two days first, and don’t mess around,

and little Noah lunch.” Noah shuddered the moment he heard the sweet voice and he suddenly ran to the resting room next door while hugging his drawing board. Joseph deemed that he had accepted his suggestion

okay, you can come in.” He glimpsed at Viola. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave for now, Mr. Beckham.” Having examined the situation, Magnus prepared to leave but was held back

Magnus was

he was saying something extraordinarily normal, even Viola

I’ll get married.” Joseph’s attitude was too composed, but that news was jaw-dropping enough no matter it was to Viola who was his nominal fiancé for five years or his assistant Magnus who

like those people who will tell that kind of joke? But I won’t force you, you

was still calm with an expressionless look. “You’re right, Noah needs a mom. Besides the housemaids, you’re the woman he’s

board in his hands crashed onto the ground. He

wrong? Did you hurt your feet?” Noah was apprehensive. He snatched Joseph’s sleeves and shook his head profusely. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling

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