President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 25: Engagement Invitation Card

Viola smiled lightly. That smile was the every nightmare of Noah’s scarce childhood memory. “Come, give me your hand.” She extended her hand. The manicured nails on her pale fingers were all painted pink. The gems on her nails were gleaming with cold light as if resembling a kind of warning that pierced into Noah’s eyes. Noah extended his hand while trembling and was held by her tightly. He was then taken out by her.

“I guess he’s just scared that you won’t have time to play with him after we’re married.” Viola held his hand and stood before Joseph with a gentle and also sympathetic look. “He only calmed down after I explained to him that I’ll film less, take care of him with you and bring him to the theme park.” Seeing Noah lolling his head as if he had controlled his temper, Joseph trusted her words. He felt relieved and his thought that the marriage is an urgent matter became stronger.

It was Friday. Hayden returned home from work and habitually took the newspapers and magazines she subscribed that day from the mailbox downstairs. She flipped through them while heading towards the couch after entering the house. Stella rushed out of the bedroom and plopped onto the couch, showing off her rope braiding skill at her which she had just learnt.

“Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten?” Hayden suddenly exclaimed. Her eyes widened when she found a thick envelope sandwiched between the newspapers. “What’s wrong, mommy?” Feeling curious, Stella tossed the braided rope aside and approached her. Hayden opened the envelope deftly and a stack of paper documents slid out of it. “Enrolment letter?” She let out another exclamation. “What?” Stella only knew a limited number of vocabularies and she frowned in a daze. “Free tuition?” Hayden nearly screamed the rooftop off. “Mommy!” Stella picked her ear in dissatisfaction. “You’ve scared me, what’s going on?”

With an incredulous look, Hayden mumbled, “Why are you given an offer by Blue Castle? Do you know Blue Castle?” Stella shook her head blankly. Hayden then patted her own head, as if she had suddenly remembered something and she muttered, “Of course, how would you know.”

Hayden had grown up in Nanking since young and she was still very familiar with the famous schools in Nanking. Blue Castle was exactly the most expensive and most luxurious, the top most kindergarten which ordinary people would not dare to consider in Nanking. It was renowned as the Hermes of kindergartens, the noble of the nobles. It cost 400 thousand yuan solely for tuition fee a year, without including meals, uniform and school activities. With rough calculations, nobody would dare stepping into the school without a more than one million yuan annual income.

pay money?” Stella blinked and was slightly confused. “The point is we did not register for it at all, how would they have your personal information?” Hayden frowned and felt weirder and weirder as she thought. “Could it be your godmother?” Alayna had many friends and she had mentioned wanting to send Stella to a better private school before. She had

there!” She then exclaimed when Hayden told her further information. “What? Free tuition, incidental and activity fees? Have I heard it wrongly? Did you just win a lottery?” Hayden could not help but hold the phone a distance away from her ear due to her shrill. “Okay, since it’s not

heard Alayna teasing her casually. Her words did remind her of something. Could it be him? Someone who had great capability and was lavish, and even had the reason to help her, there would be no one besides him. After a round of struggle, she still decided to

sounded indifferent from the phone. “What’s

I really can’t think of anyone besides you. I’ve just received notification from the Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten, and


like that? Slightly in a daze, Hayden asked,

saved Noah,

is too huge, I

me it’s just a matter of a phone

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