President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 26: The One behind the Scene

“The groom-to-be, Kingsley and the bride-to-be, Michelle, sincerely invite their good friend, Hayden, to come to the engagement banquet…”

A line of typed words that looked like handwriting was particularly eye-catching. The inner page was inlaid with the cartoon image of the two people. Hayden clutched the corners of the invitation card and her eyes somewhat darkened.

After thinking carefully, it seemed like this matter was expectable. When she met Michelle in the elevator last time, she see that Michelle was already wearing the ring that meant so much to her in the past.

However, the unexpected thing was that they surprisingly dared to send her an invitation card. Hayden leaned on the sofa while her lips curled into a self-deprecating smile. When she thought of the incident five years ago, her emotions somehow hit her like a bullet through her chest.

If it was not because of Kingsley and Michelle, she would not be in this situation today.

People said that if a woman never loved a jerk in her life, her experience in love was not considered complete. If there was an additional saying that the life of someone who did not meet a bosom friend who betrayed him or her was not considered complete, Hayden felt that her life was indeed extremely complete.

The invitation card was then simply thrown under the coffee table by her without bothering it anymore.

When you accidentally stepped on dog shit, was there a need to smell it to see if it was stank?

The next day was an off day. Hayden originally intended to think about the anniversary project planning but was awakened early in the morning by the doorbell.

The moment she opened the door, she saw a handsome man and a pretty woman in which the man looked sedate while the woman looked gentle. Both of them were dressed neatly and formally with a briefcase in their hands.

“Sorry, my family doesn’t need insurance.”

Hayden directly rejected them and prepared to close the door.

The woman hurriedly spoke.

“Ms. Downey is it? We’re the assistant administrators from Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten.”

Hayden widened her eyes in astonishment.

The woman smiled and reached out her hand.

“My name is Rita Dewey while he is Marvin Alfred. The reason we’re here now is to conduct a routine home visit before Stella enters kindergarten. It mainly aims to learn about the child’s daily habits, living habits, past medical history and so on.”

Five minutes later.

She embarrassedly looked at the

that the kindergarten implements the pre-admission home

showing a

the admission letter.

read half of the document and I actually have no intention to send my daughter to your

asked, “Is


feel that Stella may not really be suitable for such an environment in Blue

pointed at the

living room. Even though it was considered quite spacious, compared to the houses of children from families that could afford them to study in Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten, it was

this is what Ms. Downey worries about, you really don’t need to worry

the glasses on her nose.

penny of extra expenses after

“Really don’t need…”

in return was the reason she resolutely refused to accept

don’t think any other school will be more attractive to you than our school,” the man beside Rita suddenly spoke with

black folder in

in collaboration with Beijing Pharmaceutical Corporation. Their best paediatrician in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Tamara Wilson, is working at our

Corporation, Hayden’s eyelids twitched. And when she heard

history. I think there is no way to completely cure congenital asthma so far. Besides, we can’t guarantee that we can cure her but Dr. Wilson is an expert in this field. If

room. Hayden’s eyes lit up as

back here to treat her asthma last time was because western doctors abroad could not totally cure her. Moreover, it was getting out of control and she thought that she could give traditional Chinese medicine a try. Tamara from Beijing Pharmaceutical Corporation was the most famous paediatrician in the field of treating asthma. Hayden went around asking information about her and found out that she had already gone back to Nanking to retire. This was the reason why

looking for so long, Tamara was actually hired to

mind was

how about this, if you feel worried about it, you can let Stella enrol first to experience school life in it for a period of

face looked so sincere that someone would find it difficult to

were not insurance agents, their eloquences were indeed as good as those

I’ll give it

from any loss as even if Tamara failed to cure Stella, she could just let Stella quit school. Also, this kindergarten could recommend another kindergarten. So, wasn’t it

details. After Rita and Marvin said goodbye, they came out of the residential area and got into the car. As the car

the matter ordered


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