President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 27: I Like This Girl Very Much

“Who is Stella?”

Viola blurted out.

Joseph took a glance at her with a faint expression, “The daughter of an employee in the group.”

“Why are you reading the medical history list of an employee’s daughter? Who is the employee?”

Hearing this, Joseph closed the document in his hand and put it on the medical history list. In a tone with some inviolability and sharpness, he asked, “Do I need to tell you every single thing?”

Viola’s face stiffened, “No, that isn’t what I mean, I simply ask only.”

“You’ve asked too much,” Joseph was already quite impatient, “I have things to do. The appointed meal with Harrison is dinner. You just go directly later, I’ll be there on time.”

This was apparently an order to let her leave.

Viola instantly regretted asking too much without thinking. She wanted to do something about it but seeing Joseph’s impatient expression on his face, she could only embarrassedly find an excuse and left the office. Before she left the office, she involuntarily read the name ‘Stella’ once in her mind.

“Joseph has taken the initiative to find the kindergarten for you?”

In the living room of the old mansion of the Beckham family, Harrison was holding the phone with high spirits, “It’s so soon that he takes the initiative to help your mummy, it seems like everything is going well.”

The voice on the other end of the phone was very young, “Thanks to you as you’ve told me about Mister’s action and plan, otherwise I won’t have the chance to let Mommy and Mister meet at the restaurant.”

“This is also due to your mommy’s excellence. Joseph won’t easily admire a woman.”

“Then you mean there is hope for my mommy!”

“Not just a hope, but a hope with a high possibility to become a reality.”

While they were chatting happily, the butler came in and reminded, “Sir, the young master and Ms. Kidman have arrived.”

Harrison only then cheerfully said, “Well, Joseph is back. I’ll grab this opportunity to ask him how his thought is. Let’s call another day, Stella.”

“Okay, goodbye.”

very relaxed. He was still smiling although the phone call had already ended for quite

girl by the name of Stella very much. If her mother is married to our family with her

own child won’t pay much attention

at the restaurant that day? Stella and Noah are having a good relationship.

at the Japanese Restaurant that day, the butler’s expression

five years ago, Joseph had used her as a shield whenever he visited the Beckham family. At first, Harrison also thought that the two people were really in a

come Noah doesn’t come back with you

dining table, Harrison asked

Joseph frowned slightly, “He has a bad temper recently so I don’t bring

one who can

because you don’t find a mother for Noah who can take care of him. He stays with maids together every day, do you think he will have a good temper? If he becomes a dandy in the future, it’s all your fault and

about this, Joseph

thought about it. You’re right, so I’m

going to get

his happy expression, he heard

bring Viola back to tell you

once, “You mean that you want

darkened. Not knowing what had happened, Joseph frowned and said, “Viola has also been by my side for so many years. Since

“Wait, wait a moment.”

slightly confused. After thinking for quite a while, he settled down, “What about Noah? Has Noah agreed with the matter that you’re

a certain

for having this marriage is mainly due to


Viola, “I don’t agree with this matter. I definitely won’t agree if Noah doesn’t personally come to me to say that

he was going to get married, Grandpa would be happy, but why was

dare to show it. She contained her displeasure and spoke

Noah nicely after the marriage, Also, nobody knows Noah better than me. After all, I’m the

harrumphed indifferently, looking at the butler

you go and personally

It took less

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