President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 28: A Good Man Who Is Tall, Rich and Good-looking

This sentence reminded Viola of something.

Indeed, Joseph was a person who always persisted in his own way without thinking about what others said. It seemed like he was openly obedient to Harrison’s words but privately, he might still do what he wanted. So, to ensure the marriage would be successful, she only needed to make sure that Joseph would not change his mind.

That night, Joseph and his son stayed at the old mansion the whole night.

Joseph originally thought that Harrison had something to tell him but after Harrison received a call, he directly waved his hand to let the maids clean up the room. Then, he locked himself in the study.

“Grandpa has been busy lately?” Joseph glanced at the butler suspiciously.

The butler said calmly and steadily.

“Sir recently often contacts with friends but I’m not very clear about the details. You stay here first, the young master, just wait for sir to finish his call.”

However, the phone call lasted until midnight. Joseph had already read a whole English book to Noah and Noah finally fell asleep. Joseph also kept yawning. He looked at the clock and saw that it was eleven o’clock. He decided not to wait any longer and just directly hit the sack.

At the midnight, Hayden got up to drink water. When she was in the living room, she saw that the light of Stella’s room was still on. She immediately frowned and walked over.

Stella’s voice of talking sounded in the room.

“You’ve never told me that there is such a person, so troublesome. If you’ve told me about it, I won't let my mommy go there, it’s too troublesome.”

Hayden directly opened the door. She frowned and asked.

“Stella, what’re you doing at the midnight, why haven’t you hit the hay?”

Stella hurriedly hung up the phone. She turned her head and her face looked panicked. Her pair of pupils were moving.

“Nothing, I’m on the phone with Alayna.”

Hearing this, Hayden’s eyes lit up, “Is it? I have something to tell her, give me the phone, I’ll talk with her for a while.”

“No.” Stella hid the phone behind her, “It’s already hung up, she says she’s going to sleep now.”


disappointed but she did not

the sack. It’s already

Stella nodded but her eyebrows were furrowed and she looked worried, “Mommy, I’ve just learnt bad news,

Hayden’s face stiffened.

“Your nominal mother has fought with her client

She had a fiery temper and was good at martial arts. If she encountered a client with a temper that she

moment, Hayden was a

shook her head repeatedly, “Not Alayna’s matter, but Mommy’s


to her own

Stella nodded and sighed with a crying face, “Mommy, I think your second marriage is not going to


hear that your boss, Joseph is going to get

Hearing this, Hayden

going to the group headquarters recently and she totally did not care about the gossip news. Joseph also seemingly did not have the will

Joseph was going to get married have

“What do you mean?”

Mommy marries him, I’ll be able to lead a comfortable life. But everything is too late. As you don’t seize the opportunity, he’s going

little girl had

amused, she poked Stella’s head and

of ideas are you having in your little brain? What does it matter to me whether he’s getting married or not? He’s just my boss, don’t think about something

her bed and hit the sack. She was feeling sad as the golden opportunity was lost. Hayden just shook her head with a helpless face, turned off the light

day, Hayden gradually prepared all the things needed by Stella for school. She deliberately sent her to school early in the morning

were different from foreign ones. So, she was still slightly worried

also sent Noah to school

pretty good to let Noah stay at home to have home tuition by a tutor?

Viola asked a

and ST Group and put much effort into them. Especially when she heard that Noah was going to school today, she purposely went to his house

environment with more people will help him recover better.” Joseph did not show

Joseph actually did not intend to send him over. There were many people in the school and a place with many people would have many

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