President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 29: Then You Are My Elder Brother from Now on

Hayden did not notice anything wrong with her words. So, she just nodded and was slightly happy.

“Ms. Kidman still remembers me.”

But Viola responded irrelevantly, “What’s your daughter’s name?”

Her gaze fell on Stella. After seeing her little cute face, her eyelids inexplicably twitched. How came she felt that this girl looked a bit like Joseph?

Impossible. A voice in her mind reminded her.

“My name is Stella Downey. You can call me Downey.”

Stella suddenly interrupted and looked up at Viola, sizing up her.

“Stella Downey?”

Upon hearing this name, Viola clenched her hands. She remembered the medical history list that she had seen in Joseph’s office that day. She became more and more suspicious so she directly asked.

“How come your surname is the same as your mother?”

Stella did not know what she meant and just turned her head to look at her mommy.

It was normal that Hayden did not understand what Viola meant just now but now, Viola already asked a question that concerned personal privacy. She was indeed stupid if she still did not understand it.

She immediately pulled Stella back to her body and spoke with a low tone.

“Stella grows up in the United States and we’ve just returned here not long ago. So, she doesn’t quite understand what Ms. Kidman’s question means. Moreover, it’s already the twenty-first century, it isn’t strange to follow the mother’s surname.”

Viola was slightly stunned. When she saw Noah hiding behind Hayden intimately, she became even more displeased and her tone became harsher.

“It doesn’t really matter whether she follows which surname. I’m just a little curious that a child from an ordinary family is not likely to enter such a school like Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten. Ms. Downey is only a manager trainee of ST Group. If you don’t have an outstanding husband, I really can’t figure out how are you so capable to send your child here.”

Hayden looked embarrassed.

She was sure that she had not offended Viola before but Viola was so aggressive that her single sentence could already hit home. Indeed, by just her own, she was not that capable to send Stella here. So, she was dumbfounded at that moment, not knowing how to answer.


suddenly interrupted and this concealed Hayden’s nervousness. He took a glance at Viola in displeasure, “Does she need to report to you how does she enrol her kid into this school? You’ve been poking your nose into

this, Viola’s face turned

helped this woman and even embarrassed

admixture of the good and the bad people in this school, so it’s better

“No need.”

no longer looked at her and was having a cold attitude, “You go back to the car first,

the student had said this, the gatekeeper naturally would not let Viola go in. This was the


entering. The two of them did not even turn their heads back so her face was contorted with rage and

adults. When Stella turned her head and saw Viola’s

this aunt? I think

she heard Harrison say that Joseph was going to marry Viola, she searched for Viola’s information online. The photos on the Internet were all beautified,

that she was dressed fashionably. Her face and her way of

agitated and

like her?” Stella was flabbergasted, “Then why do

his head even more

her to be your stepmother?” Stella’s

Noah nodded.

mummy? Do you think it’s better to let my mommy be


Stella was so jubilant that she almost jumped. As if she had found the hope again, she suddenly held Noah’s hand solemnly, blinked her pair of big

you’re my elder brother from now on. Don’t worry, if I have a slice of

head to write something on the

words. She frowned,

board to Joseph and pointed to the drawing board, followed by Stella,

he looked at him strangely. He saw Noah clutching the corner of his clothes and this apparently sounded

is very rich. We can eat meat together without having to

and no longer

smiled cheerfully and nodded

“Yes, yes, hahaha.”

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