Hearing Joseph’s questioning, the pretty assistant administrator, Rita’s expression slightly changed.

“The swings are not high and the ground at the bottom is padded. Our school has never encountered an accident related to the swings.”

Joseph pointed at the swings in displeasure.

“Never does not mean there is no risk. If a child lets go of his or her hand when swinging, do you think the ability of a young kid in balancing can keep him or her from falling?”

Finished speaking, Joseph turned his head back and looked at the rainbow plastic runway that was not far away with a serious look.

“And the plastic runway, I had already taken a look just now. The corner is not completely paved with plastic. Your school does not pay enough attention to the grass weeds clean-up. Kids are naughty. If they hide inside the grass, you guys may not be able to notice them, what if there are poisonous snakes?”

Rita’s face turned white. She did not know how to answer.

Which child would let go of his hand without any reason while playing on the swing? The grass of the field was perhaps just because the gardeners slacked off recently, the grass was not even higher than an ankle.

Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten indeed had never encountered a more demanding parent than Joseph!

“I think it isn’t that serious.”

A clear woman’s voice broke the ice. Hayden came down from the corridor and walked up to them.

“Mr. Beckham, you really worry too much about Noah. In the past, Stella had fallen off the swing and her arm was broken while her face was injured. However, I don’t think that is a bad matter.”

She looked at Joseph. Her eyes were gentle as if she was thinking of something extremely warm.

“Because after that incident, whenever she swings, she will hold the rope tightly and so she never falls. Even when I’m sitting on the swing, she will tell me something like ‘Mommy, grab the rope tightly’.”

Hearing this, Joseph’s tense face relaxed a lot. He stared at Hayden with a complicated expression for a long time.

Seeing this, Rita spoke cautiously at the side.

dissatisfied, we’ll remove the swing while for the plastic runway, we’ll entirely pave it up

pondered for a moment and said in

it like this. If Noah has any problem in the future, remember to contact me

glanced at Hayden gratefully, “Alright, since there is no problem, I’ll go back

breath and sat on the swing, smiling, “Mr. Beckham, I can’t believe you’re also willing

was spread across her face and her eyes were slightly narrowed due

did not feel disgusted and just asked, “In your view, I’m a dictator who

possible, everyone knows that Mr. Beckham is young and

“Tyrant?” Joseph’s eyes narrowed.

realized that she had said something wrong so she quickly changed the subject, “I just think that Mr. Beckham’s concern for Noah is too much. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. Children actually need

Joseph’s expression looked a bit

not agree

greenhouse with your protection. If he

something in Joseph’s mind. The words ‘all of us are supposed to be born for our unique life’ were lingering in his mind

his abnormal expression, Hayden asked

is the fact that Noah isn’t able to speak the reason

gazed at her with something

you’ve told me

from the swing and hurriedly changed the topic, “It’s

it isn’t because of my negligence, Noah won’t be

low voice came behind her with a

stunned, she

not a person who would casually talk to others about his private family matter. When she

you mean that Noah is reluctant to



of words but after a high fever, he became reluctant to speak. The doctor had identified that his vocal cords and nerves did not suffer from any damages. It

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