Hayden initially thought that Joseph just didn’t want to trouble her, so that was why he was standing on ceremony. Only when she had swung the swing a few more times did she realize that Joseph sounded like he was gnashing his teeth when he said, “Hayden, I said, let go of your hand.”

She hurriedly let go and ask while startled, “Wh...What’s wrong?”

Joseph stepped hard on the ground to gain control over the swinging motion of the swing. His expensive leather shoes grinded out two visible marks on the sand on the ground as the swing stopped its movement.

He turned around and glared at Hayden, “Did I say that I want to sit on this swing?”

“Didn’t you say that it is not safe? I thought you want to test this swing for Noah.” Hayden still didn’t realize her mistake as she answered nonchalantly.

“Besides, in order to get along with a child, you should get used to playing with their favorite toys. Don’t tell me you never spend time having fun with Noah?”

“Are those the reasons you think that I should sit on this swing here with you?”

There was a hint of anger in Joseph’s eyes as he glared at Hayden unhappily.

Hayden was still very oblivious as she studied Joseph. All of a sudden, the smile on her face seemed to freeze.

He was dressed in a smart-looking suit, yet he was sitting on a swing with colors very contrasting to his appearance. She was too focused on taking care of his feelings to the point that she had forgotten about his usual cold and aloof demeanor.

“About that… Ahem…Ahem… I suddenly remember that I need to rush to work now. I’ll… I’ll take my leave now.”

Hayden pretended to check the time on her watch before taking a few steps back and fleeing.

As he watched her scurrying away from him, Joseph felt his anger slowly dissipate, and an unusual warm glow appeared on his face. With nobody around him now, his slender fingers were hooked on the ropes of the swing, and he was all smiles at the moment.

at the school gate, she only stopped to catch her breath. She was clutching her

was really scared out of her wits. If she had stayed for another second, she was

Downey, are you here

just gotten off a van. Viola was crossing her arms and approaching her with an

interrogating Stella, hence she immediately felt a surging sense of disgust towards her. She simply nodded in her direction and mumbled

known by now that I am going to marry Joseph soon,

going to

only reply her, “The rumors are flying everywhere in the company. It would be weird if I didn’t get wind

you know.” Viola flaunted her

Joseph is going to be a piece of widespread news in the nation. Therefore, if some unscrupulous person wants to shamelessly intervene, she will have to face the wrath of the people of the nation. Perhaps in the end not only she doesn’t get what she wants, she

attempt to allow both parties to end this conversation peacefully, “I don’t

this peacefully as she interjected her abruptly, “I am telling you to get as far away

seen him harboring any feelings towards any women. She used to think that this side of him would work to her advantage since he was never really interested in women and that would enable her to hold on to the throne of Mrs. Beckham tightly.

volunteer himself in looking for a school

they didn’t have to keep

said with obvious displeasure, “Ms. Kidman, I advise

“Are you feeling

really think that all women who appear beside Mr. Beckham are trying to solidify themselves as his

with you, you’re just a management trainee in the hotel, there’s no way you are able to send your daughter to Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten. You’re just doing this in order to inch closer to Joseph. Don’t think that I’m oblivious to your intentions.

saw that Viola was so dirty-minded and spouting such vicious words,

and she was snickering coldly with obvious sarcasm, “Let me warn you. Don’t reach your hands towards things and people that don’t belong to you

“Ms. Kidman, you better watch your mouth. I

vision from the corners of her eyes. She immediately put on

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