President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 32: It Seemed That Ms. Downey Had Put in Some Hard Work

Joseph was training his gaze on the scenery outside the window, but he no longer had any interest in those sceneries.

Viola’s words had reminded him of his actions lately. He suddenly realized that he was indeed treating Hayden a little specially.

Was it because she had saved Noah?

That must not be entirely true. If that was the case, his assistant Magnus would have already taken care of everything that was needed. Arranging for Hayden’s daughter to the Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten and promising Noah that he could be Stella’s classmate were originally not his plans. As his mind wandered to such thoughts, he felt a little lost.

There was a heavy traffic all the way, and by the time they arrived at the hotel, it was already noon.

All the managers and service personnel of the hotel lined up in two roles extending from the entrance of the hotel as Joseph walked in the middle of the rows. He swept his gaze across his employees and saw that Hayden was standing at the end of a line. He couldn’t help stealing a glance at her as he passed by her.

Although she was just wearing her designated uniform, it looked outstanding on her compared to others. It seemed that she had pinned a light green color scarf around her neck, which made her look even more outstanding.

Hayden saw that he was staring at her for some time, so she asked timidly, “Mr. Beckham, anything wrong?”

Joseph came back to his senses and replied with a frown, “Your name tag is tilted.”

After saying that, he marched into the hotel, leaving Hayden behind who was trying to figure out the meaning behind his words since her name tag was fine. She muttered with confusion, “It’s fine, isn’t it?”

Joseph had gathered all the management personnel to the second floor to have a meeting about next month’s anniversary celebration.

The anniversary celebration was decided to be held in this hotel, and they just needed to go over the details of the plan.

ST Hotel was one of the projects in planning when Joseph took over the helm at the tender age of twenty. Despite the fact that just a mere ten years had gone by, ST Hotel was able to develop rapidly, and now it had branches all over the nation. This exact hotel Hayden was working in was the first ST Hotel the corporation had built all those years ago led by Joseph personally.

This branch had a special place in his heart, so it was only natural to organize their hundred-year anniversary celebration in this hotel.

“This anniversary celebration is a good opportunity for the company to promote itself even further…”

While the other top brass were discussing, Hayden was on the verge of collapsing into sleep. She was just a management trainee and she was seated at the end of the table. She looked like she was jotting down important points of the meeting but in actuality images of turtles had been scribbled all over the pages of her notebook.

“Your proposals are too old-fashioned. Anybody else has other input?”

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