President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 33: If You Have the Guts, Don’t Ever Come Back Here Again

When Magnus finished his words, Joseph shot him a cold glare which prompted Magnus to stop talking. He silently buckled up his seatbelt and started the car.

It was not hard to figure our Joseph’s reasons for doing this. Hayden had made a bet with her boss, Joseph, that in three months, if she couldn’t hit her target as promised, she would have to leave the company. All the other interviewers present during their interview could be witnesses.

After Hayden had assumed her job post, the company’s sales target did increase bit by bit, but it was still a far cry to her goals. Two months had passed by just like that, and she was even hospitalized for a period of time. It was safe to say that she wouldn’t be able to hit her target anytime soon.

Therefore, Joseph decided to hand the anniversary celebration to her to organize, because by doing this, he could but her two more months of time and the outcome of this huge event would also be considered her achievement.

The only thing Magnus couldn’t figure out was his boss’ enthusiasm in helping Hayden. Was he being like that because she had saved Noah?

“Mr. Beckham, didn’t you say that Frank is a reliable driver? Why did you suddenly fire him?”

“He has talked too much.”

Magnus looked a little nervous and didn’t continue asking anymore, because sometimes he did talk way too much for his own good too.

After taking over the planning and preparation work for the company’s anniversary celebration, Riley who was Hayden’s mentor decided to delegate most of her current work to others so that she could focus on her preparation. This came as a surprise to her.

“Hayden, there are many employees who specialize in planning and strategizing, yet Mr. Beckham set his eyes on you for this important job. You must do your best as your performance is something we can be proud of.”

Riley didn’t teach her a lot of things in the past, but he was now seeing Hayden in a new light, which made her feel flattered.

“I will do my best.”

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