President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 34: You Are the One Suffering Here

Hayden stood on the elevator and chuckled upon hearing that, “I’m too busy to even think about those kinds of things, unlike you who only think about inheriting the wealth of the family and hooking up with rich guys.”

Chelsea was so furious that her nails were almost penetrating into her the skin of her palms.

Six years ago, she had staged an incident with the sole purpose of shattering Hayden’s reputation and ignited her father’s hatred for Hayden. She did all that to make sure Hayden wouldn’t have a chance to compete with her over their inheritance rights. However, what escaped her calculation was that Hayden would run away one night six years ago, and she would never see her again until today.”

During the six years Hayden was absent, Chelsea was indeed living out a good life. However, she was back at the moment. What were her reasons for coming back?

After getting off work in the evening, while Hayden was cooking dinner for Stella in the kitchen, her mobile phone suddenly rang. She wiped her hands on her apron before producing her phone. When she saw that it was from her father, her expression gradually darkened.


“I heard that you’re back.”

Her father’s voice sounded at the other end of the phone. It had been a long time since she heard this voice, and at the moment it sounded a little tired.

“Yes.” She answered simply while her fingers were tracing various shapes on the cutting board.

She didn’t have to wrack her brain to know that Chelsea was the one informing her father of her return. No matter what her father head heard, it wouldn’t be anything good.

“If you’re back, then you should move back home. What do you think people would think of you if you’re out there fooling around all day long?”

Hayden frowned when she heard that, “There’s no need for that, dad. I am fine living by myself out here.”

“Hayden, I know that you always have something to say because of your mother, but home is still home in the end. I can’t be rest assured with you being out there all by yourself, so you should…”

“Dad.” Hayden interrupted her father, “I am really having a great life out here. I… I have a job now, and I am staying not far from the company. I have to hang up now as I’m busy with something. I will visit you when I’m free.”

more when he heard that. He gave her a few words of advice before hanging up. Hayden was also hard-headed since she was young. She didn’t know how to be bratty in front of adults, coupled with the fact that she had lost her mother since her birth, this made her feel a little unlucky in the

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