President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 35: Mum, Something Has Happened to My Brother

The loud crashing sound reverberated in the villa, and by the time Viola came back to her senses, Noah was already lying in a pool of blood. He seemed to have lost consciousness.

Viola’s face became utterly pale as she scanned her surroundings anxiously. Seeing that the maid hadn’t come around yet, she immediately returned to the bedroom and pretended that nothing had happened. She took off her clothes as she inched towards the bed.

Very soon, the maid’s exasperated and anxious shout broke the silence of the villa.

“The little young master has fallen down.”

“Call the ambulance now.”

“Where is the young master?”

“Go call him now.”

“Young master.”

With a loud bang, the door to the bedroom was flung open, and when the two maids barging into the room saw the two person lying in bed, they were so shocked that their faces had become pale. They somehow forgot about what they were here for.

Viola’s loud shrill pierced through the silence in the room as she hurriedly covered herself with a blanket.

Joseph was jolted awake at this point. He opened his eyes with a frown and was shocked when he saw Viola seemingly naked by his side. He instantly became sober as he asked unhappily, “Why are you here?”

Viola started to stammer with her cheeks completely flushed and her tears almost falling, “Joseph, you’re so drunk that you even wa...want me to…”

Joseph propped his head with his hand and tried to recall what had happened with his entire brain throbbing. Nevertheless, he failed to recall anything at all. He then asked the maids impatiently, “Why are you guys here too?”

The maids standing at the door finally came back to reality as they said hurriedly, “No...Noah has fallen down the stairs and he has lost a lot of blood.”


Joseph suddenly raised his head and revealed a terrifying expression as he flung away his blanket and marched out of his room without even wearing his slippers. Viola who was behind was scrambling after him while trying to wear her clothes.

Noah who was unconscious had been sent to the hospital and very soon, the news reached Harrison’s ears.

“What is going on?”

with a nervous expression on his face, “Why would he fall down from the second floor for no reason? There are so many maids in your house, isn’t there anyone who watch over him?”

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fractured and his left hand is dislocated. Other than that, there are just some external bruises.

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still knitting his brows while finally feeling at ease after observing that Noah was sleeping peacefully. He then asked the butler of the Imperial villa area in eastern district, “What has actually happened today? Why did

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about what had actually transpired, “I was checking the doors and windows when I heard the maids shouting out loud about Noah’s unfortunate accident. By the time I reached the living room, I saw that he was lying on the ground amidst a pool of blood. I have asked everyone thoroughly but no one

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