President’s Twins: Buy One, Get One Free

Chapter 36: Why Says She Has No Right?

After arriving at the hospital, Stella pulled Hayden’s hand to move to the inpatient department.

“Stella, slow down. My arm is going to be pulled off by you.” Speechless, Hayden followed her out of the elevator. When she entered the ward and saw that Noah was lying on the ward bed, she only then believed that Stella was really not talking nonsense.

“What’s wrong with Noah?”

There was no one else in the ward at this moment. Harrison was the only one sitting on the side.

When he saw Hayden, he was happy. He stood up immediately and asked despite knowing the answer, “Who are you?”

Hearing this, Hayden regained her presence of mind and quickly introduced herself, “I’m Hayden Downey and I’m the hotel manager of ST Hotel. My daughter and Noah are studying in the same school, you are?”

Her sentences were clearly organized and her tone was respectful in which this was the attitude that one should have when facing an elderly.

Also, her look had a few similarities with Noah’s look. The more Harrison looked at her, the more he liked her. He glanced at Stella who was secretly pulling a face at the side, and spoke with a kind and friendly countenance.

“I’m Noah’s great-grandfather.”

“You’re Director Beckham?” Hayden instantly stood straight, “I’m sorry for taking the liberty.”

“It’s okay.”

Hayden let her sit down, “Have a seat. I’ve heard Noah mention you. He likes you very much. I still remember that you saved Noah once before.”

Seeing that Harrison was not as harsh as what was rumored, Hayden heaved a sigh of relief, sat on a chair at the side and asked worriedly, “How did Noah get hurt?”

“I’m not sure about the specific situation. He was injured while he was with Joseph. Joseph says that Noah rolls down the stairs from the second floor. It’s just shortly after surgery, and the doctor says that his right arm is fractured while his left hand is dislocated. His body also has a lot of wounds. Alas, Noah grows up without a mother to take care of and he suffers from one ailment or injury after another.”

Hayden’s heart

had a missing son who had the same age as him. When she saw Noah, she would always

Since his bone has fractured, he should drink

this matter, Joseph has sacked all

off at the weekend. I’ll stew

great, I’m sorry to trouble you,

pale face on the ward bed, “I also feel like I have a

someone. Joseph and Viola walked in one after

Hayden, his expression

“Why are you here?”

injured, so I come to take

and he directly questioned, “It’s two o’clock in the morning, how do you know that Noah has injured? The surgery has just ended about half an hour ago but you’re already able to arrive at the hospital,

puzzled by his question. As she heard Harrison say just now that Noah had fallen down the stair, she was also in a bad mood. She immediately stood up and spoke in

care how I hear about Noah’s matter? Your son is now lying on the ward bed but

Don’t forget that you’re merely a

You’re in a high position of power so you can easily fire me. But it isn’t office hours now, I’m here to visit my daughter’s classmate. At first, I thought that Noah was just having a little injury as kids were normal to be naughty. But now, I’m told that his injury is so bad that he needs to be hospitalized. He rolls down

coupled with the reason that it was her second time to

you father? You simply don’t care enough about Noah. Just ask yourself, are you worth for him to rely on, and do you make

know how to refute. His pair

was only to deal with Grandpa’s persecution and to get the administrative power of

about to say something, Viola, who was standing at the side, said in displeasure, “Ms. Downey, this is none of your business. This is others’ matter, what does it have to

has no right?” Harrison spoke abruptly. His old and calm

she is eligible to do so. Joseph, you should indeed examine yourself. I agree that you’re good

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