Chapter 1731 

The entire room fell silent when they heard this.


Still pressing Luna against the wall, for a split second, Mr. Hanson did not know how to answer Joshua’s question.

However, at this moment, Luna’s mind was so fuzzy that she could not even comprehend what was going on.

In her confused state, she could only hear Joshua’s voice. She gritted her teeth and said instinctively, “Joshua…”


Because of her intoxicated state and her position against the wall, these twsyllables sounded extremely gentle and alluring.

Joshua’s expression darkened.

He stood up and strode over to Mr. Hanson. “If you still can’t come up with a way to take care o f her, then let me take this responsibility from you.”

With that, he shoved Mr. Hanson away and saved Luna.





like this, considering he was the



you?” Joshua curled his lips into a smirk, then

This stupid woman.

as a humble jewelry designer with no experience

arrived just in time, she

let out an exhale, pulled Luna into his arms, and turned to glance coldly at Mr. Hanson. “Did you forget who is the most powerful

and render you homeless would

faces and added in a stern voice, “Next time, you guys should think long and hard before you lay hands on any woman and try to find out who she has

picked up a feverish Luna in his arms and strode out of the room, slamming the

faces were etched with

a long moment before finally smacking his forehead in realization. “The news of Luna staying overnight

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