Chapter 1732 

“I’m with Mr. Lynch. He says that Luna left her bag behind, and so I’m here to retrieve it.”


The guests furrowed their eyes, glancing at the place Luna had been sitting before she left.

Lo and behold, there was indeed a handbag sitting on the chair.

Mr. Hanson was a little displeased by this. “Quickly retrieve it and get out of here! Close the door behind you when you leave!”


The woman nodded, scampered over to retrieve Luna’s bag, then left, closing the door behind


After coming out of the booth, Charlotte removed the pinhole cameras from Luna’s bag with a sneer, then took out the recording device she had placed in a hidden pocket in the bag.

She had placed these items inside Luna’s bag without her noticing at all.


After exiting Lucky Den, Charlotte tossed the pinhole cameras and recording device to her assistant, Roanne.


downloading the videos and audio files from these devices. “What should we do, now that Ms. Luna was taken away

“There’s no


men at the party, so Joshua Lynch has shown up just in time to

“But…what if, after sleeping with Joshua,

lips into a smirk. “Hatred has already started to plant its seed inside her, and because of

now, and if we were to save her from Joshua, wouldn’t that reveal that we had deliberately

nodded in reply, not daring

Charlotte had ignored her cries of help because she had yet to record anything that could be used to

were to rescue her at this moment after ignoring her cries

Lynch Mansion

Dr. Rachel

improving, and her will to

she must have displayed other signs of intending to wake up from her coma previously, but because no one had noticed this, they failed to help her seek appropriate treatment in

situation, she’ll be able to wake up in no time. She seems to have a lot holding her back, and even if I weren’t here to help her, she’d still

great news!” Theo was so excited that he almost leaped

flashed through Dr. Rachel’s eyes when she saw

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