Chapter 1733

As soon as he heard this, Theo quickly waved his hands in dismissal and said, “I can’t possibly do that. I’m still a virgin, so i guess Mr. Lynch has to take over from here.”

Joshua, who was bringing the glass of water out of the kitchen, froze when he heard this.

He walked over to the sofa to feed a disoriented Luna some water, frowning. “Are you saying you’re still a virgin? I remember that you and Luna had at one point…”

If he remembered correctly, there was one time that he and Luna had brought the children to a n amusement park in Banyan City. That night, he and Luna had gotten drunk together but woke up the next day in separate rooms.


At that time, he still thought that Alice was the real Luna Gibson and went to knock on Luna’s door with her.

The person who opened the door was Theo, which led all of them to think that Luna had slept

with Theo that night.

However, at this moment, Theo was saying that he had never been with a woman…

too, recalled that morning when he heard


plopped down on the sofa, turning the tablet to face Luna as he explained,

tricked by Alice, and I was sent into


furrowed his brows.

turned to stare intently at Joshua. “In the past, you were so important to Luna that

mouth felt like a hammer

a red-faced Luna and slumped against the sofa, and

to mean so much to Luna that she refused to sleep with

At this stage…

brows when she heard this conversation. She stared at Joshua in shock and asked, “Does this mean that all this while, you thought Luna had slept

continued to feed

in shock. “But your attitude toward her… I can’t identify even a hint of hostility toward her. Do you really not

the fact that their partner had slept with other people in the

Joshua did

“Of course I do.”

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