Chapter 173

Dr Rachel curled her lips into a mischievous smile. “We were talking about how you’re still a



Theo’s face blushed scarlet when he heard this. He turned his head away and refused to give D r. Rachel a second glance. “Well, if there’s nothing else…we should hang up now. I have to go t o bed soon.”

With that, he hung up the call as quick as lightning.


On the other end of the line, Dr. Rachel could not help curling her lips into a smirk when the screen went dark.

“Still a virgin, huh?” she muttered under her breath, smiling.

“Dr. Liddell.” All of a sudden, her assistant knocked on the door. “There’s a man from Merchant City outside who claims to be a relative of Rosalyn’s. He says his name is Quentin and wants to see her.”

furrowed her


was here


she knew of were Charles, Jim, and

of the


in black, stood in the lobby of Dr. Rachel’s research facility. He was dressed sensibly and had a kind smile, but for some reason, Dr. Rachel could not help feeling creeped out by him, as though he had brought the spine-chilling

smiled and extended his hand towards her. “Dr. Liddell! Thank you so much for trying to help my sister. If she really

was a little dazed by the earnest look in this man’s eyes. “You say you’re… Rosalyn’s

not her biological brother, but she saved my life in the past,

had the chance to come home, I overheard the news that

to visit her before I returned to

Rachel with an earnest look.

Landry family so late at night, and I can’t possibly verify whether you’re really her family or not just based

Quentin. “I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you

There’s a black mole on Rosalyn’s left shoulder and a birthmark on

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