Chapter 1735

Quentin did not answer Dr. Rachel’s question at all.


After the assistant finished checking him, he changed into his sterile gown and bowed to Dr. Rachel. “Thank you, Dr. Liddell.”

With that, he entered Rosalyn’s room under the guidance of the assistants.

All the while, Dr. Rachel felt like this man was rather ominous.


Therefore, as soon as Quentin entered the room, she went into the control room to stare at the security footage of Rosalyn’s room.

After all, Rosalyn was in a vegetative state, and even if Quentin did not have anything dangerous with him, he could still kill her with his bare hands.

As soon as she thought of this, Dr. Rachel could not help regretting her decision of letting him in after being swayed by his seemingly sincere attitude.

What was she supposed to tell Luna and Theo if something were to happen to Rosalyn?


was opened, and the assistants ushered Quentin


he did after entering was to locate the surveillance

front of the surveillance camera, smiling, and bowed elegantly at the camera. “I know you’d be watching from the control room, Dr.


the audio

camera back in its place, turned around, and stood in front

chill went down Dr. Rachel’s spine as

her feel terrified, but thankfully, he did not touch Rosalyn at all from the beginning

later, Quentin emerged from

out of the control room and stood in the

to Rosalyn,” said Quentin, smiling

and let out a sigh of

Thank God.

bad would happen to her. Otherwise, she would not know how to explain this

sofa and took out her phone. Just as she was about to ask Theo for more information

room, her face pale. “Dr.

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