Chapter 1736

“Luna…might not be able to get the phone right now.”


“Anyone else from the Landry family is fine! Get Charles or Jim!”

Dr. Rachel anxiously persisted as she tried to correct the disturbances in Rosalyn’s vital signs, “Especially Charles! Get him to call here, or better yet, get him to come to Lincoln City right away! Rosalyn isn’t going to make it!”

Theo’s entire body froze when he heard this. “How could this be?”


“Just now, a man claiming to be Rosalyn’s brother arrived to see her and said some stuff to her that led to her condition deteriorating.”

Never had Dr. Rachel thought that this man named Quentin would be able to destroy Rosalyn’s will to survive just with a few sentences.

After all, this was a mature, level-headed woman in her mid-fifties. Apart from the fact that she could not speak or move, she still maintained her consciousness and was still capable of thinking for herself.

This was the first time Dr. Rachel discovered that it only took ten minutes to destroy an adult’s will to survive!


this. He quickly stormed upstairs and kicked open Joshua’s room


moment, inside the room, Joshua was trying to tie Luna against

Don’t do this to me… You’re


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to get in touch with Jim and Charles right now.

furrowed his brows.

Luna was in, all three doctors shook their heads and said that apart from sleeping with her,

eyes at Joshua and said as he dialed Jim’s number, “Then sleep with her, you idiot! It’s not like you two haven’t slept together before. You’ve been together for such

narrowed his eyes. “What I’m saying is that even if I were to sleep with

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the phone. “You have to

that your father is the most important person to her, and she needs his help at

sitting in the ward, having just been

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