Chapter 1737

Jim could not believe his ears.


“Are you…Joshua Lynch?” he asked dubiously.

“Yes, it’s me.” Joshua curled his lips into a smirk and said, “I guess after a year of spending time together, you’ve grown to recognize my voice quite well.”

Jim rolled his eyes and asked, frowning, as he flung open the car door and got into the car,” Why is Luna with you?”


Had she not gone to conduct a business meeting with Mr. Hanson?

“How dare you even ask me that?” Joshua curled his lips into a sneer. “After announcing her return to Landry Group, I thought you’d assign her some other task to increase morale within the company, but it turns out you sent her to attend an orgy with Mr. Hanson and his friends.”

Joshua then added condescendingly, “If it weren’t for me, she would’ve woken up in Mr. Hanson’s bed by now! What kind of brother are you?”

Joshua’s scolding made Jim furrow his brows in confusion. “What on earth are you talking about?”


When did he send Luna to attend an orgy


a challenging task that would assert Landry Group’s dominance as well as increase morale within the employees, so he

evening, before getting off work, he had even asked her if she had any idea how to accomplish


time, Luna had told her that Mr. Hanson was hosting a dinner party that night, and she wanted to

he did not overthink it at all and instead agreed with her, thinking that it would be good for her to attend social gatherings like this

did he know that the party she would be

would’ve sent her on this mission if not you?” Joshua scoffed. “Don’t try to evade your responsibility

of Mr. Hanson’s tonight, and according to Luna’s connections here in Merchant

she discover this, but she even

to obtain this news, told Luna about

“I’m telling you; I wasn’t

the entire Landry family were to go bankrupt, I still wouldn’t send my sister to attend

love Luna, but I

he let out an exhale and said, “You bring her to Lincoln City

hung up the phone,

What a weirdo!

technically Joshua’s cousin, after all, so how could he doubt him like

exhale to calm himself down, Jim glanced at Charles, who was sitting in the backseat, clutching

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