Chapter 1740

“Mother will wake up soon.”


Even though Rosalyn was not his birth mother, the amount of love and affection she had shown toward him was not less than that of a birth mother.

Not only that, but she had treated him even better than how she treated Heather, whom she had always thought was her biological daughter until they finally found Luna.

When he saw Charles finally admitting his love toward Rosalyn, Jim felt a weight lift off his shoulders.


He guessed that if Lucy, his birth mother and Charles’ first love in his lifetime, were to see this, she would probably be happy too.

Luna and Jim remained in the room as they watched their parents for more than half an hour.

They finally left when Theo knocked on the door, telling them that Dr. Rachel wanted to speak to them.

“Your mother’s condition is a little more complex than before.” As soon as Jim and Luna entered the room, Dr. Rachel exhaled and started explaining the situation to them.” Previously, her will to survive has been extremely strong, and according to my estimation, she would’ve been able to wake up within a week.


will to survive so


condition, but that’s only that.

exhale and stared at the two of them. “It’ll take a little


of that, I suggest you let your

who specialize in psychiatry, and they can help look after him, but

a deep sigh. “I’m worried that if something like this were to happen again, your father won’t be able to make it here in time all the way

Jim exchanged glances when they heard this. A split

be beneficial

as soon as he arrived here, maybe because even in his psychotic state, he still knew that he had to take care

therefore stopped making any loud noises that would

what happened last night that made my mother’s condition

the surveillance footage from the night before. “This man’s name is Quentin, and he claims to be Mrs. Landry’s brother from Merchant City, and

but he was capable of describing some physical features o f Mrs. Landry’s

and continued, “I had wanted to contact Luna about this, but I knew that she couldn’t answer me after being drugged. On top of that, this man seemed sincere, and he even

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