Chapter 1741

Both Luna and Jim lifted their heads at the same time upon hearing Joshua’s remark.


They stared at him with questioning looks. “Do you know who he is?”

“Yes.” Joshua smiled and pressed the ‘play’ button on the video displayed on his phone.

It was a video of Granny Quinn from the same morning when she had announced the identity of the future heir to the Quinn family.


Inside the video, Granny Quinn had described the dilemma the Quinn family was facing at the moment without any hesitation.

Malcolm, the eldest son of the Quinn family, had chosen to leave the family and live with Heather on their own.

Hunter, on the other hand, was arrested for certain reasons and would likely not be able to get out of jail anytime soon.

Therefore, none of them would be able to take over as the new heir to the Quinn family.


Because of this, Granny Quinn had announced a new addition to the family named Quentin Simms, her godson.


to ear as she grasped Quentin’s hand i n delight. “Quentin has just returned to Merchant City not long ago, so I won’t pass over the company to him immediately. Instead,

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in the video was the exact same as

Jim furrowed his brows.

up in Merchant City, so he was much more familiar

ever had a godson, nor did he know how this man was

Rosalyn the night before that destroyed her will to survive

Jim tried, he could not think of

him, “Would


top of that, he was the son of Rosalyn’s classmate and friend, and because of this

as he thought of this, Jim took out

a long time before it was

who picked up the phone was not Christopher, but instead,

and asked,

This voice…

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