Chapter 1742

“Nothing.” Jim’s expression was so cold it was as though he would kill someone at any moment. “I’m sorry for disturbing the two of you; go back to bed!”

With that, he slammed the phone down.

Luna furrowed her brows, and just as she was about to ask him what had happened, Jim stood up and said, “I’m going out for a walk.”

With that, he left the room, slamming the door behind him.


Luna glanced at the door with a blank look, her mind full of questions,

Was he not about to ask Christopher if he knew anything about Quentin? Why did he…

“He’s upset about something.” As a fellow man, Joshua could tell what had happened just by Jim’s attitude and body language. He furrowed his brows and said, “Why don’t you ask Bonnie who she was with last night?”

Luna froze for a moment, then came to a realization. “So Bonnie was the one who picked up the phone just now?”


The fact that Christopher’s phone was with Bonnie so early in the morning meant that they had spent the night together.


rubbed her brows

be Jim’s first girlfriend, and all of a sudden, Jim had discovered that Bonnie


Luna bit her lip.


anymore.” Joshua let out an exhale and glanced impassively at Luna.” Who was the one that told you to

my men to interrogate Harold about this, and he said that someone bribed him under your

be an orgy, but the person had said

his penetrating stare on Luna’s face and added, “I want to know were you the one who volunteered to attend this party, or did

shock upon hearing this. She could not believe her ears. “The person who bribed Harold…knew what kind of


had found the day before, Mr. Hanson’s party was supposed to be a small gathering among friends, where they would

this. Luna had thought this was just a simple dinner party. If she had known what kind

this, she felt

was the one who

her the information about the party and the

called out for

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