Chapter 1746 

Luna bit her lip and, for a split second, did not know how to answer.


In the past, Joshua was her lover, the father of her children.

She did not need a reason to ask him for help, nor did she have to answer to “Why should I.”

Alas, their relationship was no longer the same as before.

Joshua was the mortal enemy of the Landry family, and she was the heiress of the Landry family.

He was the CEO of Lynch Group, and she was the CEO of Landry Group.

The two of them had become members of opposing teams; they were rivals.

It was already a miracle that the two of them did not fight as soon as they laid eyes on each other, but at this moment, Luna was asking him to help her.


Why should he?


he help his mortal



save Gwen, they had

her head to stare at Joshua. “Because I slept with you last night. Is

hallway fell

two, stopped in their tracks

puff of his cigarette, sneering. Then, he blew the smoke in

Luna lifted her head to stare intently

calm as a body of still water. “If you were to get a hooker, Mr. Lynch, you’d have to

women out there, it wouldn’t be greedy of me to ask for hundreds of

someone’s life. No matter how you look at it, this is a business transaction that benefits you

taking a

all, since Joshua had slept with her the night before, he could not possibly refuse to admit

lifted her chin, staring at her with a gaze as cold as his tone. “You could’ve used other things to negotiate with me, but what on

labeling yourself as a mere item? Does this mean that for every time I slept with you i n the past, I have to tally them and pay up

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