Chapter 1748 

“Nothing happened?”


Luna seemed to recall someone at the dinner party saying that she had to have sex with someone to counter the drug’s effects.

If Joshua had not slept with her, then why was she awake?

Not only that, but how would Theo know if anything happened between them at all?


Theo gulped when he saw the confusion in Luna’s eyes.

After all, this was the woman he used to love, so it was extremely difficult for him to expose Luna like this.

After all, Luna had just claimed that she and Joshua had slept together and was even using this to negotiate with him, but at this moment, he had to tell Luna she was wrong right to her face.



The truth could not be changed.


Theo let out an exhale and explained, “I’ve been staying at Joshua’s place ever since I moved

out from your house.


there when he brought you home last night, and I witnessed everything

“When you said you were staying with a friend.. that friend was

wonder Theo was so interested in her work and had even asked her how she would

had appeared just in time at the dinner

Theo had been living with him

exhale and said, “You’re full

remembered correctly, Theo and Joshua used to loathe each other, so since when did they become such good friends

but he was even helping Joshua spy on her. Theo could not meet Luna’s gaze, and he quickly turned away. He let out an exhale and said, “Last night…nothing happened between you and Joshua at

to. Therefore, the two

the wee

Luna had awoken.

Joshua a meaningful glance. “Well, that’s all I have to say, so I’ll

that, he scurried away as though something was hot on his heels, leaving only Joshua

Dr. Liddell has successfully contacted the blood bank, and they’re on their way to

have on hand is enough to last Ms. Larson for four hours, so our crisis has been

Jones about this.

him even while she was

the phone, she

two steps

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