Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy Chapter 1751

The assistant was right; the woman who was talking to Luna in the video was wearing so many layers of clothes that her face could not be recognized at all.


However, Jim was more than familiar with her frame.

This was the woman he used to treasure with all his heart, so how could he possibly forget?

Not only that, but he also recognized the woman standing next to her, whom the assistant was trying to identify.



Charlotte’s younger sister, who had been working for Charlotte as an assistant for many years.

The two of them were inseparable.

Jim could not help feeling outraged when he saw the obedient and meek look on Luna’s face as she talked to Charlotte.

was skilled in jewelry design but had absolutely no experience running a business, would suddenly become so daring and even ordered for her house to


had successfully won over

out Charlotte was the mastermind behind all


Jim narrowed his eyes.

at all

She had indeed returned.

took out his phone and was about to call Luna


After all, ever since Heather was

at the video of Charlotte and Luna on

Finally, he picked up.

went home

narrowed his eyes. “What is your

like Mr. Hanson’s without their knowledge. Because of this, Mr. Hanson, as well

had called him not only to congratulate him, but she

bringing her to the party, then placed a pinhole camera in her bag and successfully recorded everything that happened

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