Chapter 1752

“The reason why Luna had been released from jail so quickly was Charlotte’s doing too.


“She’s just using Luna to get what she wants, and as for her ultimate goal, I’m sure you have a better idea than I do.” Jim gripped his phone tightly.

Many years ago, he was utterly disappointed in Charlotte’s actions, but at the same time, he was the closest person to her and was even engaged to her at that time.

Because of this, he could not bring himself to break his promise to her and was stuck in a dilemma.


Finally, it was Charles who had stood up for him and exposed Charlotte’s lies, and even sent Heather to chase Charlotte out of Merchant City.

However, at this moment, Charlotte had returned as soon as Heather was kicked out of the family.

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as Heather was out of the picture, Jim would forgive her and get back together with her after she helped the


a woman. I knew that six years ago, so I think it’s best that you let me take care of Charlotte this time too.” Heather sneered and added, “After


an appetizer. She hasn’t even started on her real plans yet, so are you willing to

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worth five hundred million? Who else would have the time to follow them every

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to earn money had been foiled just like that. She turned to glare at Malcolm, who was playing with Riley next to her, and snapped, “If it were up to me, I

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