Chapter 175Therefore, Luna walked over to Charlotte’s side carefully. 

“Don’t you dare use this to threaten me, Heather,” Charlotte’s frustrated voice rang out as soon as Luna got closer. “Those were just some words I said to you to get on your good side, and I introduced him to you without any intentions at all.

As for everything you did after that, it was nothing to do with me at all, so don’t you dare trto bring me down with you!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Charlotte hung up the phone angrily.

The first thing she saw when she turned around was Luna, who stood behind her.


A glimmer of nervousness flashed through her eyes.

However, a split second later, she regained her composure and stuffed her phone back into her pocket. “Have you removed your makeup? Is the ceremony over?”

sent the secretary to bring the contract

good.” Charlotte let out an exhale and glanced at Luna. “Didn’t you say you wanted to visit your friend after the ceremony? Why are


out an exhale and fixated her intense gaze on Charlotte. “Last night, you told me that the party was just a


her brows and stared at Luna with a hostile expression. “What

found out?”


answer to her question

turned out Joshua had not

of party it was supposed to be yet still

only that, but she even bribed Harold into bringing her, claiming that Luna had consented to attending this party and being

was why Charlotte had placed the pinhole cameras and recording

outraged as soon as she thought of this. She glared at Charlotte and said, “I can’t

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