Chapter 1755

However, Charlotte did not seem bothered at all when faced with Luna’s anger.


She had already planned out an excuse for this before Luna returned to Merchant City.

Seeing how outraged Luna was, Charlotte let out a sigh and walked over to grab hold of Luna’s hand. “Don’t be angry; listen to me.”

Luna flung her hand away and took a small step back. “I’m listening.”


Charlotte let out an exhale and said, “It’s not that I didn’t care about you at all. I was just worried that if you had known, you wouldn’t have been able to act naturally, so I chose not to tell you about the party last night. As for ignoring your cries of help…”

Charlotte sighed and explained, “I don’t know if you noticed this, but no one at that party last night was on their phones.

“The reason being, Mr. Hanson had installed a signal blocking device in that room, and even though we were using the best communication devices, it was only sufficient to ensure temporary communication, and any signal after that was blocked off.

get in touch with you, but no matter how hard we


to find you myself, but when I got there,


stiffened when

memory was a little hazy after being drugged the night before, and at this moment, no matter how hard she tried to remember, she could not recall if anyone had


phones that night.

seemed that…Charlotte was

you take your bag with you when Joshua left? If I hadn’t gone to find you, how would I have managed

to grab hold of Luna’s hands earnestly. “I admit that I committed a mistake last night, which was failing to equip you

won’t allow you to go on such dangerous missions ever

wanted to, there were

as well as the warmth spreading through her palms. All the anger had dissipated

cold male voice

It was Jim.

She let go of Luna’s hand and, without another word, scampered up

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