Chapter 1756

lithe news of you attending Mr. Hanson’s party with hidden cameras and recording devices will spread to the entire city, and everyone will be on guard whenever attending any social gatherings with you in the future.”

Luna’s entire body stiffened.

A long while later, she lowered her head and finally realized the severity of her actions.

Everyone had weaknesses that they wanted to keep hidden from the public eye and would only reveal among trusted friends.


To bring cameras and recording devices to such gatherings….was indeed a taboo

It was just like using a camera to photograph someone’s design drafts when visiting their studios.

However, Luna, who had no experience in doing business, never thought about the consequences of these actions.

Jim’s words were like a wake-up call, making her realize what she had lost despite earning Mr. Hanson’s business.


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would remember what the CEO had done every time they attended

of this. “I’m sorry, Jim, I… I never thought that doing this


reached out his hand to stroke Luna’s hair when he saw how guilty she looked. “It’s not

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thought of this, she hung up

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