Chapter 1757 

When Luna and Theo arrived at Gwen’s room, she was being held against the bed by an angry Luke, his hand around her neck.

“Luke Jones… I will… never forgive you…” Gwen’s entire face had turned purple, but she still muttered the same words of hatred over and over.

“Luke!” Luna stormed into the room and grabbed hold of Luke’s arm. “Let go of her! She hasn’t recovered from her bleeding today yet. Are you trying to choke her to death?”

Luke narrowed his eyes when he heard the anger in Luna’s tone and let go of Gwen.


Gwen slumped back onto her bed, panting heavily, and let out a cackle as she stared at the ceiling above her head. “Why did you stop him? You should’ve let him kill me.”

She continued to stare at the ceiling with a distraught look. “I’m blind. All of the men I fall in love with are worst than the last, so knowing this, is it wrong of me to want to kill myself?”

She sniffed as tears slid silently down her cheek. “Even if you don’t kill me, Luke, I’ll one day escape from here and leave you!”

Luke, who was standing in the doorway, sneered when he heard this, a hint of malice playing o n his lips. “Well, why don’t you try?”


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