Chapter 1758 

However, Luna did not intend to pry and instead just hugged Gwen and let her sob in her arms.


Gwen’s cries echoed through the entire room.

Luna, too, started crying as she comforted Gwen.

She had been having a hard time, too, having been faced with a man who did not love her anymore and an entirely new working environment with tasks that she had no idea how to accomplish


She had thought Charlotte was here to help her, but what happened?

It turned out that Charlotte was just using her to get close to Jim and did not care about the consequences of her actions on Luna at all.

She had understood every single word Jim was trying to tell her.

She was just a pawn in Charlotte’s game.

However, who would she rely on to compete against Joshua, if not Charlotte?


She was not capable of running the company at all, but she was Charles and Rosalyn’s daughter, so she had to step up and take responsibility.

give up on Landry Group after what happened to


women cried for

their sorrows, they still had to face

as she wiped

in a choking voice, “Luke

widened in shock, her

had always been aware that Gwen was

was worried that Gwen would

out about this, Gwen had gotten engaged with another

invite any guests to a lavish celebration at all when she had gotten engaged. Instead, she just hosted a simple ceremony since her intention

admitted that she did not love

hired to play along with

not understand why Luke would want

and let out a bitter

my fiance’s death, so I

me and refused to even let me out of the

I requested to visit his grave, but when Luke found out,

sniffed and said, her eyes brimmed with tears,

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